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Fits Moto Guzzi Bellagio, Cali Vintage, Griso 1100, Breva 1100, Breva 1200 (2v/cyl), 1200 Sport (2v/cyl), Norge (ALL 2v/cyl) 
Gasket Rocker Cover
£7.68 INC VAT
£6.40  EX VAT
click to view full sizeRocker cover gasket

This gasket is wider than ENA18001, but ENA18001 can be substituted. Many mechanics report that ENA18001 makes a better seal

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More than 5 in stock

 976139 MG976139

Fits Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport ALL, Cali 3, Cali 1100, Cali EV, Centauro, Daytona, V11 Sport, Spada 3, Nevada ALL, Quota 1100 
Pivot Pin and Nut Clutch or Brake Lever
£7.80 INC VAT
£6.50  EX VAT
click to view full sizePivot bolt and special nut for Brembo PS 13 and PS 16 master cylinders, also used for some hydraulic clutch lever pivot bolts

Not for early Cali 1100s fitted with solid brake lever pivot pins. Brembo ref. 110279850

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Dimensions: 12mm pivot OD

1 in stock

 10279850 GU10279850 10 27 98 50
 1027 9850 1027.9850

Fits Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, Le Mans 1, 750S, S3 | Petrol Tap Original Type
£33.10 INC VAT
£27.58  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Manual square bodied fuel tap with nut, washer and filter

Off, on and reserve positions. Approved for use with fuel containing ethanol

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Dimensions: M16 x 1 threaded section, 8mm fuel pipe spigot

2 in stock

14105400-z 14105400 GU14105400 14 10 54 00
 1410 5400 1410.5400

Fits Moto Guzzi Cali 1100 (frame nos to KC12446 and after KD12178), 850/1000 ALL Models, V35 ALL, V50 I, V50 II, V65 ALL, V75 (4 valves per cylinder), 850T, V7 Sport, 750S, S3 
Master Cylinder Reservoir Overhaul Kit PS15 Brembo
£18.00 INC VAT
£15.00  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Rubber insert and plastic cap for PS 15 Brembo rear master cylinder reservoir, this type does not have a level switch. Also fits round Brembo PS 17 master cylinder reservoirs

Only for brake fluid reservoirs mounted on the PS15 master cylinder. Also known as Guzzi ref. 17661150. This cap does not contain a fluid level switch (your original cap may). Brembo ref. 110430820. Does not fit replica PS 15 master cylinders BRA10802 and BRA07338

Sorry this item can't be bought online, please call us on 01484 841395 to order or check specification

Dimensions: 58mm OD

2 in stock

 14661100 GU14661100 14 66 11 00
 1466 1100 1466.1100

Also fits Ducati 600 SL Pantah, Ducati 750/900 SS, Ducati 860/900 GTS, Ducati 900 Darmah, Ducati 900 MHR, Ducati 1000 MHR
Fits Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, 750S, S3 | Head Gasket (Round Pushrod Tunnel)
£10.20 INC VAT
£8.50  EX VAT
click to view full sizeHead gasket for models with round pushrod tunnels

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Dimensions: 84.8mm ID

2 in stock

 13022001 GU13022001 13 02 20 01
 1302 2001 1302.2001

Fits Moto Guzzi G5, Convert, Cali 2, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, Mille GT (series 1), 850T, 1000 SP, S3, T3, T4. V65, Lario, V7 Sport 
Fork Dust Seal
£7.60 INC VAT
£6.33  EX VAT
click to view full sizeDust cover for fork leg, seals against stanchion to protect fork seal

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Dimensions: 52mm internal diameter at large end, 35mm internal diameter at narrow end

More than 5 in stock

14524500-z 14524500 GU14524500 14 52 45 00
 1452 4500 1452.4500

Fits Moto Guzzi Convert, G5, 850T, S3, T3, T3 Cali, T4, Cali 2, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, 1000 SP, V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V65, Lario, V7 Sport, V65 GT, Strada 750, 750 Targa 
Tank Rubber Central
£7.30 INC VAT
£6.08  EX VAT
click to view full sizeCentral tank mount rubber, mounts on central frame tube

1 required, this is the only frame rubber used for the tank on small twins

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Dimensions: 60mm x 50mm x 25mm overall. 30mm internal diameter

4 in stock

 14107100 GU14107100 14 10 71 00
 1410 7100 1410.7100

Fits Moto Guzzi V35, V50, V65, V75, Strada 750, Targa, 750, Nevada ALL (1993-2001) 
Brembo Pad Pin Kit F05
£7.80 INC VAT
£6.50  EX VAT
click to view full sizeBrembo pad pin kit for Brembo F05 (P5) calipers. Contains one long pin, two short and retaining spring

Brembo ref. 120280010, also used on some Laverdas . Front calipers only on Strada

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More than 5 in stock

 39659100 GU39659100 39 65 91 00
 3965 9100 3965.9100

Also fits Benelli 250 TS
Fits Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, 750S, S3, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 1000, 850T, T3, T4, T5, 1000 SP, SP II, G5, Convert 
Newtronic Piranha Electronic Ignition Kit
£175.00 INC VAT
£145.83  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Complete Newtronic electronic ignition kit containing ignition pickup (distributor mounted) and ignition box. Retains original mechanical advance / retard mechanism.

Kit consists of sensor plate and pickups, magnet, ignition box, clip, screws and instructions. Suitable for all models originally fitted with points which have a mechanical advance / retard . Can also be fitted to Strada 1000, Spada 3, Cali 3 etc... if the distributor is swapped for a points type part with advance / retard mechanism. Coils should have 4 Ohms resistance on the low tension circuit, OE coils will work OK but you may see improved results with high performance Dyna coil ELA14101

Developed from the original Piranha system, Newtronic ignitions are contact breaker replacement ignition systems covering a range of Japanese and European motorcycles from the late 1950's onwards. Using contactless, maintenance free, infra red triggering the Newtronic ignition has gained a reputation for ease of installation and effectiveness from satisfied motorcyclists around the World. The switching units include an integrated timing LED for each channel, making it quick and easy to accurately time each cylinder independently (an essential step in gaining the best performance from your engine.). The system typically consists of three main components:

  1. An ADAPTOR plate which mounts the lamps supplying the beam of infra-red light. This is broken by the ROTOR as it rotates on the engine cam or crankshaft. When a beam of light is re-made as the rotor blade clears the beam the switching unit is instructed to fire the coil (please note some systems will have separate mounting plates for each lamp and will not be assembled on a single plate as shown.) In many kits these are supplied as 1 lamp per cylinder. Other kits use a wasted spark system with 1 lamp firing 2 cylinders. The adapter kit also includes the parts needed to fit the lamps around the motorcycle cam or crankshaft - usually supplied as a base plate and /or segment plates with pre-mounted lamps.
  2. A ROTOR which fits on the bike cam or crankshaft and makes and breaks the lamps infrared beam when the coil is to be fired. The rotor may be made of metal or a heat and solvent resistant plastic.
  3. A SWITCHING UNIT which collects coil firing instructions from the rotor traversing through the lamps and fires the coil. The switching units are supplied positive or negative earth depending on the bike configuration and have a separate switching channel for each lamp in the Adaptation Kit. 12V and 6V versions are also available especially for earlier bikes. The switching unit has an integral timing light for each coil and is fully compatible with existing systems to the older design. It is also a direct replacement for Piranha switching units.
  4. An INSTALLATION WIRING LOOM is supplied with each kit, tailored to the original bike loom dimensions, connectors and wire colours for a quick, easy and professional looking installation.

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2 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi V7 700, V7 Special, 850 GT, V7 Sport, 750S, S3, 850T, 1000 SP, Cali 2, Cali 3, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV (1997-2005), Cali Special, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone (series 1), Convert, G5, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 1000, SP II, Spada 3, T3, T4, T5, Mille GT, Nuovo Falcone 
Motobatt Battery AGM Performance 30Ah
£115.50 INC VAT
£96.25  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Motobatt quadflex 30Ah battery. Quadflex technology means you have two positive and two negative threaded terminals allowing maximum flexibility when installing. This powerful battery produces a massive 390 cranking amps, and is rated at 32 ah.

These sealed absorbed glass matt batteries have been used in military and off road applications for many years.
They offer increased lifespan, higher vibration resistance and electrical performance. This battery is also leak, vibration and spill proof if installed correctly.
Supplied fully charged and ready to fit.

NB This battery must not be trickle charged or charged using a traditional manual charger, AGM batteries require a smart charger - we recommend ACA96000
For more information on charging AGM batteries see these FAQ's.

This is a better value replacement for the Odyssey PC925 battery. Replaces Guzzi refs. 14704550, 18704550, 28704550, 28704545, 28704551, 28704552, 14704551, 14704500 and 14704505

One year warranty on all our Motobatt batteries.

Slightly taller than original loop frame battery so you may need to make some modification to retaining bracket

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Dimensions: L166mm x W126mm x H175mm

3 in stock

03704540-z 03704540 GU03704540 03 70 45 40
 0370 4540 0370.4540

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