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Millers SAE 75W-140 Synthetic Transmission Oil 1 Litre
OIA08195 Fits V85 ALL, V7 850 ALL 
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1 litre of Millers 75w-140 synthetic final and gearbox drive oil. Excellent anti-wear characteristics plus chemical stability and oxidation resistance to keep bearings and gears in optimum condition. This also allows long drain intervals

An extreme pressure differential oil SAE 75w140 synthetic gearbox and differential oil with performance additives designed for motorsport use.

Low friction reduces transmission noise.No need to use separate moly additive with this oil.

See SIA01049 for workshop gloves for your oil change
Please note this part CANNOT be posted outside of the UK mainland area

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£15.00  EX VAT

Hepco and Becker Junior Pannier And Top Box Lock
LUA70104 Universal Part
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Replacement lock for Hepco and Becker Junior panniers and top boxes / top cases. This is the lock at the top of the panniers. Also used as the closing lock on Junior top boxes LUA61040 and LUA61045

Supplied with key, rivets and fitting instructions

1 in stock



£24.75  EX VAT

5 Pin Relay Starter, Indicator and Horn
ELA12732 Fits S3, Cali 2, T3, T4, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 1, Quota 1000, 1000 SP, SP II, T5, V35, V50, V65, Lario, 750 Targa, NTX 350, NTX 650, V35 Florida, 750X, V65 Florida 
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55mm x 33mm x 26mm overall

5 pin 12 volt relay suitable for starter, lights, indicator, flasher and horn applications

Supercedes Guzzi ref. 12732500. Equivalent to 28732500 but with mounting bracket

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19732500-z 19732500 GU19732500 19 73 25 00
 1973 2500 1973.2500



£12.67  EX VAT

External Oil Filter Sump Kit Grey
ENA14005 Fits 850/1000 ALL Models, Cali 1100 (1994-1997) 
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82mm thick

Complete sump kit which moves the oil filter out from within the sump to a recess under the sump. This simpifies and speeds up oil changes because the sump no longer needs to be removed. Oil cooling is also improved because oil will cool through the body of the filter. The complete sump kit is a simple fit that will speed up oil changes and reduce the risk of stripping crankcase bolts through repeated sump removal. It is very similar to the arrangement on modern CARC models. The kit consists of:

  1. Deep sump casting (82mm deep) with all oil ways
  2. Oil filter (SIA14530 type)
  3. Sump gasket
  4. Sump bolt kit with washers
    Oil filter removal tool
  5. Sump plug and washer

  6. Replaces sump extension ENA14002. Finished in silver this is a great upgrade for your Guzzi

    Depending on model you may need a longer dipstick e.g. ENA28495. You can calibrate the sump by adding 3l of oil and marking the position on the dipstick. Note that you need to transfer your oil pressure relief valve and the intake screen from your existing sump into this new one. Note also that the stamped steel covers on some oil pressure relief valves flare wider than others so you may need to make a little clearance in order to get the threads started. Also available at additional cost in black to special order

    1 in stock



£367.50  EX VAT

Ignition Coil 12V
ELA26504 Fits V7 700, 850 GT, V7 Special (1969-1971), Nuovo Falcone 
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64mm x 145mm overall

12 volt single output ignition coil (lead to distributor)

Push fit HT lead, see ELA00001 for crimp on HT lead connector. Supplied without coil clamp

2 in stock

 26716504 GU26716504 26 71 65 04
 2671 6504 2671.6504



£48.33  EX VAT

Oil Pressure Switch
ELA19670 Fits 850/1000 ALL Models, 1100 Sport ALL, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV, Cali Stone, Cali Jackal, Cali Vintage, Centauro, Daytona, Quota 1100, V11 Sport ALL, V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V7 Sport, S3, 750S, V7 700, 850 GT, Nuovo Falcone 
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46mm x 21mm bolt flats

Oil pressure switch M12 thread, male bullet connector

Supercedes Guzzi no. 12768700. Some small twins also require adapter 19055800 (or ELA19720 can be fitted in place of this switch). Check which type your small twin uses before replacing.

See ENA12640 for replacement crush washer if required

More than 5 in stock

 17768750 GU17768750 17 76 87 50
 1776 8750 1776.8750



£7.92  EX VAT

AGIP Brake Fluid 500ml DOT 4
BRA99002 Universal Part
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500ml AGIP brake and clutch fluid, this is a high performance DOT 3 and 4 fluid suitable for all Moto Guzzis

Mixes safely with other DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1 brake and clutch fluids.

See BRA99013 for high performance alternative.

If you are having problems bleeding your brakes you may need one of our one way bleed nipples BRA41651 and BRA41650

Please note this part CANNOT be posted outside of the UK mainland area

More than 5 in stock



£6.60  EX VAT

Brake Pads F05 Calipers EBC FA047
BRA19724 Fits V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V65 ALL, V75, 750 Targa (pre 1995), Strada 750 (pre 1995), Daytona ALL, 1100 Sport ALL, Centauro, V11 Sport, Nevada 750 (1991-1995), Nevada 350 (1991-1995), 750 SP (1991-1995) 
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7mm overall thickness

Pair of EBC FA047 brake pads for Brembo F05 (P5) calipers

Fits Nevada up until frame no. LK112433

More than 5 in stock

27654610-z 27654610 GU27654610 27 65 46 10
 2765 4610 2765.4610

Also fits Benelli 250 TS, Ducati Pantah 500SL, Magni Sfida



£14.00  EX VAT

Large Touring Screen Kit
FAA77051 Fits Cali EV (1997-2002), Cali Stone 
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6mm thick, 610mm tall, 660mm wide

Stylish Italian made large touring screen with black finish fitting kit

Reduced from £390!

1 in stock



£241.67  EX VAT

Main Bearing Flange Rear
ENA12400 Fits 850/1000 ALL Models, V7 Special, 850 GT, 750S, V7 Sport, S3, 1100 Sport ALL, V11 Sport ALL, Cali 1100, Cali EV, Cali Stone, Cali Jackal, Cali Vintage, Centauro, Daytona, Breva 850, Breva 1100, Griso 850, Griso 1100 
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Rear main bearing flange

2 in stock

12011400-z 12011400 GU12011400 12 01 14 00
 1201 1400 1201.1400



£105.83  EX VAT

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