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Motobatt Smart Battery Charger
ACA96000 Universal Part
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Prolong battery life with this 9 stage smart battery charger, suitable for 6v, 12v AGM and lead acid batteries.

Weatherproof - suitable for use outside 6V / 12V 1A Auto-sensing charger. Suits all AGM, Lead Acid, Calcium and Gel batteries Charges 6v and 12v batteries Ring terminal and alligator clip harnesses included Spark proof Maintains full charge Simple, connect and wait for green light Overload / Short circuit protection

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£47.50  EX VAT

Dual Seat
SEA14551 Fits Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2 
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Replica foam rubber dual Le Mans seat. This is a high quality replica of the dual seat used on the Le Mans 1 and 2. Supplied with seat strap it is virtually indistinquishable from the original part

Manufactured from foam rubber around a sturdy steel base with threaded holes for seat rubbers

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14461552-z 14461552 GU14461552 14 46 15 52
 1446 1552 1446.1552



£266.67  EX VAT

Brake Caliper P08/F08 Brembo Pad Pin Kit
BRA54721A Fits G5, Convert, Cali 2, Cali 3, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 1000, Spada ALL, T3, T4, T5, Mille GT 
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Long pin 62mm x 6mm

Pad pin kit for Brembo P2 F08 (P8) calipers, consists of two long pins, one short and retaining spring.

replaces old Guzzi part ref. 14659100. Brembo ref. 120274210. NB finish on long pins may be zinc or black

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 14659100 GU14659100 14 65 91 00
 1465 9100 1465.9100

Also fits Benelli 354, Benelli Sei, Ducati 250/350/450 Desmo (-1976), Ducati Pantah, Ducati F1, Ducati 750 Paso (1987-1990), Ducati 750 Sport (1988-1990), Ducati 860 GT/GTS, Ducati 900 GTS, Ducati Hailwood Rep, Ducati 900 Darmah (1977-1978), Ducati 906 Paso (1988-1989), Ducati 1000 R1 Hailwood Ref., Hesketh, Horex HRD 600, Horex 500/600 Columbus, Laverda 750 SF2, Laverda 750 SFC, Laverda 750 SF3, Laverda 1000 3C (1974-1978), Laverda 1000 3CL (1976-1981), Laverda 1000 RGS/RGA, Laverda 1000 SFC, Laverda 1200 (1978-1979), Laverda 1200 TS/Mirage (1981), MZ ETZ 125/150/250/300 (1985-1992), Norton Classic (1989), Norton Interpol (1989), Triumph T140 (1985-1988 Brembo)



£7.92  EX VAT

Millers SAE 85W-140 Mineral Bevel Box Oil 1 Litre
OIA08193 Fits V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V65 ALL, V75 ALL, Nevada 350, Nevada 750 ALL, Breva 750, V7 ALL, V7 II ALL, V7 III ALL, V9 ALL 
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1 litre of Millers 85w-140 mineral based final drive oil. Excellent anti-wear characteristics plus chemical stability and oxidation resistance to keep bearings and gears in optimum condition. This also allows long drain intervals

An extreme pressure differential oil SAE 85w140 mineral based differential oil with performance additives. Use as received in Hypoid differentials requiring extreme pressure lubricants and GL5 specification.

Provides performance level specified by manufacturers for axles and final drives.
Low friction reduces axle noise.No need to use separate moly additive with this oil.

170ml required for bevel box lubrication on all models except V9 which uses 210ml

See SIA01049 for workshop gloves for your oil change
Please note this part CANNOT be posted outside of the UK mainland area

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£13.17  EX VAT

Clock Surround Kit Polished Aluminium Plain Mount with Ignition Switch Hole
ACA01002 Universal Part
click to view full sizeclick to view full size

6mm thick aluminium, 48mm deep instruments with 60mm stud centres

Polished aluminium instrument console kit for 80mm instruments (as used on Le Mans 1, 2, T3, V50 etc...). This high quality kit is specially made for Gutsibits and consists of the following parts:

  • Polished aluminium clock surround front with 80mm holes for instruments, slotted ignition switch hole and 8mm instrument light holes
  • 6 LEDs with chrome bezels (small spade connectors to rear) for indicators, oil, charge system, neutral and high beam warning light
  • Polished aluminium instrument surrounds (odometer surround includes hole for reset knob)
  • Polished aluminium instrument backs (attach with existing nuts)

Supplied ready for you to drill your own mounting holes to suit your project, see ACA01001 if you would prefer a ready to mount kit for T3, Le Mans 2 etc...

Manufactured from 6mm aluminium, this this instrument binnacle will not fatigue with use and is an excellent way to present the standard 80mm Veglia instruments. Bolts to handlebar yoke clamps. NB instruments and ignition switch shown in photo for illustration purposes only.
This is a high quality UK manufactured part made exclusively for Gutsibits, do not confuse with lesser alternatives. These kits are often prepared to order so please allow for a couple of days delay before your order is sent.

NB This kit works with the ignition switch ELA17735, later type switches will not fit into the predrilled ignition switch hole. On models with cable operated remote odometer resets the reset knob will need to be relocated. Check the depth of your instruments before ordering, this kit is intended for 48mm deep instruments with 60mm stud centres

Instruments with 60 degree or similar angle drives to the rear will require you to enlarge cable cutouts in the plates that make up the rear of the kit

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£145.83  EX VAT

Cable Splitter Box
FUA30910 Fits 1100 Sport Carb, Cali 3, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Mille GT, Nevada 750, Spada 3, T5, V65 Florida, V35 Florida 
click to view full size

75mm overall length

Cable splitter box for models with a single cable from the choke or throttle, high quality replacement item from Domino

5 in stock

 30607910 GU30607910 30 60 79 10
 3060 7910 3060.7910



£8.17  EX VAT

Handlebar Grips Pair
HAA27521 Fits V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V65 ALL, V75 
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125mm overall length

Pair of black high friction closed end handlebar grips

1 in stock



£9.17  EX VAT

FUA19380 Fits V65 ALL, V35 ALL, V50 ALL, Nevada 750 (1991-2003), Nevada 350 
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Dellorto 9.5g float with tang for needle valve. May come in black or white

Also known as Guzzi ref. 61934300, 27934315

2 in stock

 19934380 GU19934380 19 93 43 80
 1993 4380 1993.4380



£16.50  EX VAT

Air Filter
SIA10421 Fits Breva 850, Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Norge ALL, 1200 Sport ALL, MGS-01 
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128mm external diameter, x 112mm

Air filter, cylindrical paper cartridge type

See SIA10422 for a reusable K & N air filter

More than 5 in stock




£9.75  EX VAT

Seat Original Type
SEA14554 Fits Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2 
click to view full sizeclick to view full size

Replica one and a half person Le Mans seat. This is a high quality saddle made in Italy to recreate the look of the original Le Mans

Not suitable for pillions. See CFA00052 for the corresponding mudguard and seat base

1 in stock

14461551-z 14461551 GU14461551 14 46 15 51
 1446 1551 1446.1551



£354.17  EX VAT

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