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Fits Moto Guzzi V35 I, V35 II, Imola, V35C, V35 3, V35 TT, V50 I, V50 II, Nuovo Falcone, V7 Special (1969-1971), V7 700, 850 GT, G5, Cali 2, 1000 SP, T3, T4, 850T, V7 Sport, 750S, S3 
Carburettor Overhaul Kit Dellorto VHB
£10.50 INC VAT
£8.75  EX VAT
click to view full sizeCarb gasket kit / rebuild kit for Dellorto VHB29, VHB30, VHB24 and VHB26 carbs

Carb overhaul kit, fuel filter FUA60888 and float bowl seal FUA90001 available separately to this seal kit. As this kit is intended for several different carbs you may have gaskets or O rings remaining after rebuilding. More information on rebuilding your VHB carb can be found here.

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More than 5 in stock

 17939950 GU17939950 17 93 99 50
 1793 9950 1793.9950

Fits Moto Guzzi Cali 1100 (1994-1997), 1100 Sport Carb, Cali EV, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, Cali Vintage, Quota ALL, Cali 1400 Custom, MGX-21, Audace, Griso 1200 (2015-2018), Norge 1200 (2015-2016), Stelvio (2015-2018) 
Oil Filter Tool 14 Sides
£10.00 INC VAT
£8.33  EX VAT
click to view full size14 sided oil filter tool for Mahle filter SIA15301. Also fits the latest 14 sided version of the oil filter fitted to late CARC models.

This tool is for models where the sump needs to be removed to get to the oil filter. Not suitable for Champion or UFI oil filters

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Dimensions: 81mm OD

3 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi V50 Monza 2, Imola 2, V65 Lario, V75 (4 Valve), V7 Stone, V7 Special (2013-), Nevada 750 (2013), V7 Racer (2013-), Bellagio, 1200 Sport ALL, Griso 1100, Griso 1200, Stelvio, Norge 1200 ALL, Breva 1100, Breva 1200, V7 II ALL, V9 ALL 
Spark Plug Tool
£15.10 INC VAT
£12.58  EX VAT
click to view full sizeThin walled spark plug spanner for 10mm plugs including the small long life PMR8B spark plug fitted to CARC models

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Dimensions: 12mm across flats, 69mm high

More than 5 in stock

05901930-z 05901930 GU05901930 05 90 19 30
 0590 1930 0590.1930

Universal Part: Millers SAE 80W-90 Transmission Box Oil 1 Litre
£12.00 INC VAT
£10.00  EX VAT
click to view full size1 litre of Millers 80w-90 mineral based transmission oil. Excellent anti-wear characteristics plus chemical stability and oxidation resistance to keep bearings and gears in optimum condition. This also allows long drain intervals

An extreme pressure differential oil SAE 80w90 mineral based differential oil with performance additives. Use as received in Hypoid differentials requiring extreme pressure lubricants and GL5 specification.

Provides performance level specified by manufacturers for gearboxes and final drives.
Used as gearbox oil and final drive oil in 5 speed 850, 1000 and 1100 models. For CARC unit / bevel boxes on 850 and larger Breva, Norge, Griso, Stelvio, 1200 Sport and Cali 1400 models. Can also be used as gearbox oil on these models. For gearbox only on small twins. API GL-5 Quantities required:

  • V11 Sport - gearbox: 0.85l, bevel box: 0.37l
  • Daytona RS, 1100 Sport IE and Centauro - gearbox: 0.75l, bevel box: 0.25l
  • Bellagio, 1200 Sport, Breva 850, 1100, Breva 1200, Griso, Norge, Stelvio - bevel box: 0.38l
  • Cali 1400 - bevel box: 0.25l
  • V35, V50, V65, V75, Nevadas, Breva 750, V7 Classic - gearbox: 0.9l,
  • Convert gearbox: 0.60l, bevel box: 0.25l

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Dimensions: 1 litre

More than 5 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi T3 Cali, Convert, G5 | Pannier Frame Set
£173.30 INC VAT
£144.42  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Pair of chrome pannier frames for the original panniers LUA14001.

Does now include crossbrace which fixes to rear mudguard / fender

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1 in stock

 18486540 GU18486540 18 48 65 40
 1848 6540 1848.6540

Universal Part: Fuel Pipe
£7.70 INC VAT
£6.42  EX VAT
click to view full size1 metre of Ariete fuel pipe suitable for fuel and breather pipe applications, cut your fuel lines to your own spec

Certified ethanol proof and safe for modern E10 fuel. Hose clips also available, see FUA00004

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Dimensions: 6mm ID x 9mm OD x 1 metre length

More than 5 in stock

Universal Part: Black Moto Guzzi Eagle Polar Fleece Hat
£12.00 INC VAT
£10.00  EX VAT
click to view full sizeQuality black polar fleece Guzzi beenie hat embroidered with a white Moto Guzzi logo

Perfect for keeping your head warm, this Guzzi hat also makes a great gift. Exclusively available from Gutsibits

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Dimensions: One size fits all

More than 5 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi V50 PA, V65 GT, V65 Florida, 750 SP, 750 Targa, 750T, 750X, V7 Classic, V7 Racer, Nevada 750 ALL, Strada 750, V75 PA, Breva 750 
Gearbox Input Shaft Locknut
£12.70 INC VAT
£10.58  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Gearbox Input Shaft Locknut

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Dimensions: 23mm ID, 36mm across flats

2 in stock

 19356760 GU19356760 19 35 67 60
 1935 6760 1935.6760

Universal Part: Guzziology v9 Dave Richardson
£45.00 (VAT exempt)
£45.00  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Edition 9 of Guzziology. This is THE Guzzi bible. Nearly 1000 pages of technical detail covering all the v-twin Moto Guzzis from loop frame models to the Cali 1400 a, V9 and V85. This manual contains knowledge gleaned from a lifetime of experience working on Moto Guzzis. It explains how to fix common maladies and the options for interchanging parts. Now updated to cover the V7 III and V9 his is a must have for all Guzzi riders and mechanics

Now available as a bound book, it's "the culmination of 34 years of experience working on and around Guzzis. People tell me that this book saves them time, money and frustration" - Dave Richardson

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More than 5 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi Bellagio, 1200 Sport ALL, Breva 850, Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Griso ALL, Norge ALL, Stelvio ALL 
Torque Arm Bush
£19.50 INC VAT
£16.25  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Updated bush with thicker rubber section for front of torque arm / cardan arm / reaction rod on CARC models

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Dimensions: 10mm ID x 30mm OD x 30mm

2 in stock

 883045 MG883045

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