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Headlamp Bulb Upgrade Powerwhite High Power H4 100W/80W 12V
LIA00044 Fits Cali 1100, Cali EV, V11 Sport, 1100 Sport, Le Mans 1000, Le Mans 3, Spada 3, Mille GT, V35, V50, V65, V75, Nevada ALL, Griso ALL, Breva 750, V7 Classic, V7 Cafe, Stelvio 
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100/80W H4 P43T Powerwhite high power headlamp / headlight bulb. This is an upgrade to the standard bulb. It offers a brighter white beam for night riding

This is the more modern H4 bulb with three tabs, note that this high power bulb is intended for off road use

1 in stock



£7.92  EX VAT

Rectifier Bosch Type
ELA17300 Fits Cali 2, T3, 750S, S3, 850T, T4, T5 (Series 1), Convert, G5, 1000 SP, SP II, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 1000, Mille GT (Series 1), V35, V35C, V35 Florida, Imola 2, V35 TT, V50, Monza, V65, V7 Sport 
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96mm x 70mm x 25mm excluding terminals

Rectifier / diode board for Bosch charging systems. High quaility replacement part sourced from Germany

See our Bosch fault finder page for help diagnosing problems on your Bosch charging system.

2 in stock

17704300-z 17704300 GU17704300 17 70 43 00
 1770 4300 1770.4300



£55.17  EX VAT

Motobatt Battery AGM Performance 14Ah
ELA59014 Fits V7 Special (2012-2013), V7 Stone (2012-2013), V7 II ALL, V7 III ALL, Nevada 750 (2012-2016), V9 Bobber, V9 Roamer, V85TT 
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151mm x 87mm x 130mm

High performance Quadflex maintenance free Motobatt 12 volt 14Ah battery. Quadflex technology means you have two positive and two negative threaded terminals allowing maximum flexibility when installing. Motobatt absorbed gel matting batteries feature the latest absorbent glass mat technology. This offers increased lifespan, higher vibration resistance and electrical performance. This battery is also leak, vibration and spill proof if installed correctly.

NB this battery is physically smaller than the OE battery fitted to the Quotas

200 CCA.
4 x M6 terminals
Supplied charged and ready to fit with terminal brackets and button head screws.
NB This battery must not be trickle charged or charged using a traditional manual charger, AGM batteries require a smart charger - we recommend ACA96000
For more information on charging AGM batteries see these FAQ's.

If parking your bike up for several weeks we recommend disconnecting one battery terminal to prevent battery drain, this should ensure your bike will start once you are ready to use it again. Replaces YTX12BS, YTX14BS, YTX14LBS, KMX14BS, YTX15LBS and Odyssey PC545. Replaces Guzzi ref. 638733, this battery is for small twins with a single throttle body

One year warranty on all our Motobatt batteries

Also available at the same price in black by special order - call 01484 841395 to order. If you need more performance than a standard AGM battery offers see hybrid battery ELA59015 which ouputs 330 CCA for starting the highest performance twins

2 in stock

 638733 MG638733



£57.50  EX VAT

Oil Pressure Switch
ELA19670 Fits 850/1000 ALL Models, 1100 Sport ALL, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV, Cali Stone, Cali Jackal, Cali Vintage, Centauro, Daytona, Quota 1100, V11 Sport ALL, V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V7 Sport, S3, 750S, V7 700, 850 GT, Nuovo Falcone 
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46mm x 21mm bolt flats

Oil pressure switch M12 thread, male bullet connector

Supercedes Guzzi no. 12768700. Some small twins also require adapter 19055800 (or ELA19720 can be fitted in place of this switch). Check which type your small twin uses before replacing.

See ENA12640 for replacement crush washer if required

More than 5 in stock

 17768750 GU17768750 17 76 87 50
 1776 8750 1776.8750



£7.92  EX VAT

Fuel Pipe Assembly
FUA29500 Fits V50 3, V65 ALL, NTX 350, V35 Florida, Imola 2, Nevada 350, V50C, 750 Targa, Strada 750, NTX 750, Nevada 750 (Carb Models), 1100 Sport Carb, Cali 2, Cali 1100 Carb, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 1000, Mille GT, 1000S, Spada 3, T5, S3, T3, T4, Le Mans 2, 1000 SP, G5, Convert, Strada 1000, Le Mans 1 
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540mm max. end to end

Fuel pipe assembly including 'x' crossover piece

See FUA00004 for pipe clips. Can also be used in place of Guzzi ref. 12106501 on Loop frame models if cut to length

5 in stock

29106500-z 29106500 GU29106500 29 10 65 00
 2910 6500 2910.6500

Also fits Guzzi V7 Special, V7 700



£16.58  EX VAT

Domino Switchgear L/H Pattern (Lights, Dip, Horn, Indicators and Pass)
ELA01730 Universal Part
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520mm lead

Domino left hand switchgear with lights on - park - off, high and low beam, pass, indicator and horn switches. Same style switch as ELA01738.

Already wired in to 9 pin block connector (you may need to alter the wiring on your bike to correspond to this block connector). Originally fitted as standard to early V11 Sport models. See the wiring diagram on our technical documents page for help installing this switchgear. See Greg Bender's website for a custom sub-loom that enables easy fitting of this part to models previously fitted with LEGO style swithgear

2 in stock

 01738030 GU01738030 01 73 80 30
 0173 8030 0173.8030



£73.33  EX VAT

Master Cylinder Angled Input Kit PS11, PS12 & PS15
BRA19500 Fits 1100 Sport ALL, Bellagio, Centauro, Le Mans 1000, Nevada ALL, V11 Sport, V65 ALL, V35 ALL, V50 ALL, Griso 1200, Daytona, SP II, 750 SP, Strada 750, 750 Targa, Le Mans 3, Spada 3, Strada 1000, 1000S, Mille GT 
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Brembo kit containing replacement seal and angled elbow for connecting remote brake fluid reservoir to PS 15, PS 11 and PS 13 rear master cylinders

Also known as Brembo ref. 110312720

3 in stock

 19659500 GU19659500 19 65 95 00
 1965 9500 1965.9500



£5.80  EX VAT

Oil Filter Tool 8 Sides
TOA41006 Fits Moto Guzzi 125 2C, 250 TS, S3, 850/1000 ALL Models, Daytona 1000, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), 1100 Sport Carb, Cali EV, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, Cali Vintage, Quota ALL 
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81mm OD

8 sided oil filter tool for new UFI filters

This tool is for models where the sump needs to be removed to get to the oil filter. This fits SIA14530 and the later metal finish filter SIA15300 which was updated to 8 sides in late 2018. Not suitable for Mahle oil filters

4 in stock



£8.33  EX VAT

Ignition Coil 12V
ELA26504 Fits V7 700, 850 GT, V7 Special (1969-1971), Nuovo Falcone 
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64mm x 145mm overall

12 volt single output ignition coil (lead to distributor)

Push fit HT lead, see ELA00001 for crimp on HT lead connector. Supplied without coil clamp

2 in stock

 26716504 GU26716504 26 71 65 04
 2671 6504 2671.6504



£48.33  EX VAT

Mistral Silencers Reverse Cone Short Polished Pair
EXA34373 Fits V7 850 ALL 
click to view full sizeclick to view full size

Pair of short reverse cone stainless steel performance silencers from Mistral, the polished reverse cone design compliments the classic styling of the V7 models. Supplied with removable DB killer these are a more durable, stylish, lighter and better sounding than the original silencers.
5kg lighter that stock silencers
Increased power
Also available in black finish

Euro 5 compliant
No remap required
All Mistral exhausts are hand made in Mandello using high quality components, Mistral develop exhausts that get the best performance from your Moto Guzzi.
Supplied with silencer clamps and certificate of homologation, reuse your existing silencer brackets with these silencers. You will also need centre stand stop bracket FRA34373 if you have the Guzzi centre stand fitted.

Silencer shims not required

Release the music in your Guzzi!

1 in stock



£520.83  EX VAT

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