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Fits Moto Guzzi V35 II, V35C, Imola, Imola 2, V50 3, V50C, Monza, Monza 2, Lario, V65C, V35 TT  
Newtronic Piranha Electronic Ignition Kit
£175.00 INC VAT
£145.83  EX VAT
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Complete Newtronic electronic ignition kit containing ignition pickup (distributor mounted) and ignition box. Retains original mechanical advance / retard mechanism.

Kit consists of sensor plate and pickups, magnet, ignition box, clip, screws and instructions. Suitable for all models originally fitted with points which have a mechanical advance / retard . Coils should have 4 Ohms resistance on the low tension circuit, OE coils will work OK but you may see improved results with high performance Dyna coil ELA14101

Developed from the original Piranha system, Newtronic ignitions are contact breaker replacement ignition systems covering a range of Japanese and European motorcycles from the late 1950's onwards. Using contactless, maintenance free, infra red triggering the Newtronic ignition has gained a reputation for ease of installation and effectiveness from satisfied motorcyclists around the World. The switching units include an integrated timing LED for each channel, making it quick and easy to accurately time each cylinder independently (an essential step in gaining the best performance from your engine.). The system typically consists of three main components:

  1. An ADAPTOR plate which mounts the lamps supplying the beam of infra-red light. This is broken by the ROTOR as it rotates on the engine cam or crankshaft. When a beam of light is re-made as the rotor blade clears the beam the switching unit is instructed to fire the coil (please note some systems will have separate mounting plates for each lamp and will not be assembled on a single plate as shown.) In many kits these are supplied as 1 lamp per cylinder. Other kits use a wasted spark system with 1 lamp firing 2 cylinders. The adapter kit also includes the parts needed to fit the lamps around the motorcycle cam or crankshaft - usually supplied as a base plate and /or segment plates with pre-mounted lamps.
  2. A ROTOR which fits on the bike cam or crankshaft and makes and breaks the lamps infrared beam when the coil is to be fired. The rotor may be made of metal or a heat and solvent resistant plastic.
  3. A SWITCHING UNIT which collects coil firing instructions from the rotor traversing through the lamps and fires the coil. The switching units are supplied positive or negative earth depending on the bike configuration and have a separate switching channel for each lamp in the Adaptation Kit. 12V and 6V versions are also available especially for earlier bikes. The switching unit has an integral timing light for each coil and is fully compatible with existing systems to the older design. It is also a direct replacement for Piranha switching units.
  4. An INSTALLATION WIRING LOOM is supplied with each kit, tailored to the original bike loom dimensions, connectors and wire colours for a quick, easy and professional looking installation.

This item is normally back in stock within 1-3 weeks, if you need it more quickly please call us on 01484 841395. If you would like to be emailed once this item is available again then email us.

Fits Moto Guzzi V35 II, V35C, Imola, Imola 2, V50 3, V50C, Monza, Monza 2, Lario, V65C, V35 TT 
Dyna S Electronic Ignition Kit
£195.00 INC VAT
£162.50  EX VAT
click to view full sizeComplete Dyna electronic ignition kit containing ignition pickups. Works with standard 12 volt coils (ELA31165) and retains original cam mounted mechanical advance / retard mechanism

Kit consists of sensor plate and pickups, magnet, screws, wiring and instructions. Suitable for all models originally fitted with points. This kit for small twins does not have a separate ignition module, it connects directly to the coils. See ELA19118 for a less expensive alternative

This item is currently available by special order, if you would like to order this item please call us on 01484 841395 or email us. It is normally available within one week of your order

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