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Fits Moto Guzzi T5 (series 3), SP II, V65 GT, V65 TT, V65 Police, V65 Florida, V75 PA, V75 SP, Nevada 350, Nevada 750 (1991-2001), 750 Targa, 750T, Strada 750, 750 SP 
Fork Seal
£7.20 INC VAT
£6.00  EX VAT
click to view full sizeFork seal

Supercedes Guzzi ref. 90403853, not for models with Marzocchi forks (e.g. V35 TT)

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Dimensions: 38mm ID

5 in stock

 90403857 GU90403857 90 40 38 57
 9040 3857 9040.3857

Fits Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport, Bellagio, Breva 850, Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Cali EV, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, Cali Vintage, Cali Special Sport, Norge ALL, Stelvio (2011-2017) 
Fork Dust Seal
£12.60 INC VAT
£10.50  EX VAT
click to view full sizeFork dust cover

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Dimensions: 45mm ID

4 in stock


Also fits Aprilia Pegaso 650, Aprilia RXV 450
Fits Moto Guzzi 1200 Sport, Bellagio, Breva 850, Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Norge, Cali EV, Cali Stone, Cali Special Sport, Stelvio (2011-), Vintage  
Fork Seal
£12.00 INC VAT
£10.00  EX VAT
click to view full sizeFork Seal

Also known as Guzzi ref. 03530526 and 03530524

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Dimensions: 45mm x 58mm x 11mm

4 in stock


Fits Moto Guzzi Cali 1400 ALL, Nevada 750 (2003-2013), V7 Classic, V7 Cafe, V7 II ALL, V7 III ALL, Breva ALL, Griso ALL, Norge ALL, Cali Vintage, Cali Aquila Nera, Cali EV (2001-2006), Cali Sport (2001-2002), 1200 Sport, V11 Sport, Stelvio, V9 ALL 
Brake Pads Front EBC FA244
£20.20 INC VAT
£16.83  EX VAT
click to view full sizePair of EBC FA244 front brake pads for P4 30/34 F calipers with two pad pins (Brembo 6800 and 9970 calipers)

Guzzi pad reference is 01654630. Also fitted to some pre 2001 Cali EV's - check how many pins your brake caliper has if ordering for a 1997-2001 Cali EV. Also known as Guzzi ref. 2B003313, 61340211A, 01654630, 07670810, 07BB1935, AP8133614, 883673

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More than 5 in stock

32654610-z 32654610 GU32654610 32 65 46 10
 3265 4610 3265.4610

Fits Moto Guzzi 850/1000 ALL Models, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, Daytona ALL, 1100 Sport ALL, Centauro 
Bevel Box Crownwheel Needle Roller Bearing
£44.10 INC VAT
£36.75  EX VAT
click to view full sizeNeedle roller bearing for crownwheel

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Dimensions: 55mm OD

2 in stock

92254340-z 92254340 GU92254340 92 25 43 40
 9225 4340 9225.4340

Fits Moto Guzzi 750S, V7 Sport, S3, 850/1000 ALL Models 
Distributor Bearing
£7.30 INC VAT
£6.08  EX VAT
click to view full sizeDizzie bearing

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3 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi Le Mans 1000, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV (1997-2002), Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, T5, Spada NT, SP II, Spada NT, Cali 2, Cali 3, Mille GT, Strada 1000, 1000S, Spada 3 
Mistral Exhaust H Piece Without Lambda Hole Polished Stainless Steel
£110.30 INC VAT
£91.92  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Stainless steel H pipe / collector / balance pipe for models without Lambda probe. Replaces heavy catalytic converter fitted to some models

NB this crossover does not include exhaust clamps. Also available in a satin finish. Made to order in Italy by performance experts Mistral

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Dimensions: 42mm OD for silencer, 38mm ID at downpipe end

1 in stock

 03123900 GU03123900 03 12 39 00
 0312 3900 0312.3900

Fits Moto Guzzi Moto Guzzi 125 2C, 250 TS, S3, 850/1000 ALL Models, Daytona 1000, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), 1100 Sport Carb, Cali EV, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, Cali Vintage, Quota ALL 
Oil Filter Tool 8 Sides
£10.00 INC VAT
£8.33  EX VAT
click to view full size8 sided oil filter tool for new UFI filters

This tool is for models where the sump needs to be removed to get to the oil filter. This fits SIA14530 and the later metal finish filter SIA15300 which was updated to 8 sides in late 2018. Not suitable for Mahle oil filters

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Dimensions: 81mm OD

1 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi Cali EV (1997-2001), Cali Jackal, Cali Stone, Stelvio ALL, Griso 1200, 1200 Sport ALL 
Vario Riser Set Silver
£112.40 INC VAT
£93.67  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Vario riser kit allows you to finetune your riding position by rotating the handlebars back and or up. You can move the handlebars back by up to 40mm and up by as much as 40mm resulting in much improved comfort. A pair of spacers allow you to finetune the amount of rise. Finished in silver this is a high quality German engineered kit.

Kit contains fitting instructions, zinc finish bolts, handlebar clamps and risers. It is very difficult to change the riding position on many Guzzi's as the handlebars often have special drillings or bar ends, this kit allows you to keep your handbars whilst improving the riding position. Normally this kit can be fitted without modifying your brakelines or control cables.
Improve riding comfort with this riser kit.

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Dimensions: For 28mm OD handlebars

1 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport ALL, V11 Sport ALL, Centauro, Daytona RS, Quota 1100, V7 Special (2012-2013), V7 Stone (2012-2013), V7 II ALL, V7 III ALL, Nevada 750 (2012-2016), V9 Bobber, V9 Roamer, V85 TT 
Motobatt Battery AGM Performance 14Ah
£58.80 INC VAT
£49.00  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
High performance Quadflex maintenance free Motobatt 12 volt 14Ah battery. Quadflex technology means you have two positive and two negative threaded terminals allowing maximum flexibility when installing. Motobatt absorbed gel matting batteries feature the latest absorbent glass mat technology. This offers increased lifespan, higher vibration resistance and electrical performance. This battery is also leak, vibration and spill proof if installed correctly.

NB this battery is physically smaller than the OE battery fitted to the Quotas

200 CCA.
4 x M6 terminals
Supplied charged and ready to fit with terminal brackets and button head screws.
NB This battery must not be trickle charged or charged using a traditional manual charger, AGM batteries require a smart charger - we recommend ACA96000
For more information on charging AGM batteries see these FAQ's.

If parking your bike up for several weeks we recommend disconnecting one battery terminal to prevent battery drain, this should ensure your bike will start once you are ready to use it again. Replaces YTX12BS, YTX14BS, YTX14LBS, KMX14BS, YTX15LBS and Odyssey PC545. Replaces Guzzi ref. 638733, this battery is for small twins with a single throttle body

One year warranty on all our Motobatt batteries

Also available at the same price in black by special order - call 01484 841395 to order. If you need more performance than a standard AGM battery offers see hybrid battery ELA59015 which ouputs 330 CCA for starting the highest performance twins

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Dimensions: 151mm x 87mm x 130mm

2 in stock

 638733 MG638733

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