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Gutsibits Gift Voucher
BOA11010 Universal Part
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Gutsibits gift voucher worth £5 against any Gutsibits order

These can be redeemed in person or against telephone orders. Makes a great gift.

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(VAT exempt)

£5.00  EX VAT

Timing Cover, Inlet Manifolds, Alternator and Sump Cover Bolt Kit
SSA80022 Fits V7 Racer (2014-2015), V7 Special (2014-2015), V7 Stone (2014-2015), V7 II ALL, V7 III ALL, V9 ALL, V7 850 ALL, V85TT  
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M6 screws

Bolt kit containing 28 replacement stainless steel socket cap bolts for timing cover, inlet manifolds and sump pan. Only one kit required per engine. See SSA87983 and SSA89291 for special rocker cover screw kits

To ensure you can easily release these fasteners in years to come we recommend wiping each fastener with copper grease (OIA11070).

Add a bit of sparkle to your V7!

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£10.00  EX VAT

Exhaust Stud Kit Titanium
SSA85048 Fits V7 III ALL, V9 ALL, V85TT, Cali 1400, Audace, 1200 Sport (4v/Cyl), Griso 1200 (4v/Cyl), Norge 1200 (4v/Cyl), Stelvio 
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M8 x 48mm studs

Exhaust stud kit consisting of 4 x titanium studs, 4 x stainless dome head nuts and 4 x stainless wavy washers

The mild steel exhaust studs fitted to modern Guzzis are notorious for corroding in place. Replace yours now with these corrosion resistant parts to ensure you can remove your exhaust in years to come

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£14.17  EX VAT

BoosterPlug Fuelling Fixer
FUA85011 Fits V85TT (EURO4) 
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The BoosterPlug is an effective and cost efficient way to cure the fuelling problems common to all modern fuel injected Guzzi's.
Plugging directly into the wiring harness using original connectors, with no cutting or splicing required, installation takes less than ten minutes.

The BoosterPlug features a unique technology to provide your bike with a controlled fuel enrichment in all ambient temperature situations. No other Plug and Play device does this. A richer mixture is provided only when needed i.e at low RPMs and when accelerating. On open roads at a constant speed the Boosterplug sits idle to keep fuel consumption low.
Make your bike run as it should have done from the factory!

  • Improved and gentler throttle action when opening and closing throttle
  • Richer mixture when opening the throttle improves acceleration
  • Booster plug removes the uneven low speed running that is typical for modern lean burn engines
  • Stronger and more consistent at idle.
  • Reduced backfiring with aftermarket exhausts on engine braking
  • Improved fuel economy
  • Lifetime warranty View more information or download installation instructions. Not suitable for EURO5 bikes - see FUA85002 for these models

  • £129.00


    £107.50  EX VAT

    This item is normally back in stock within 1-3 weeks, if you need it more quickly please call us on 01484 841395 or request a quote. If you would like to be emailed once this item is available again then email us
    Please call or enquire to check availability of this part
    Reconditioned Starter Motor Deposit Bosch or Valeo
    ELC10737 Universal Part
    click to view full size

    Starter motor deposit, buy this deposit if you are buying one of our reconditioned starter motors and we haven't already received your servicable exchange unit. This deposit will be refunded once we receive your complete reconditionable Valeo or Bosch starter and solenoid

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    £66.67  EX VAT

    Gutsibits Moto Guzzi Postcard
    GFA11012 Universal Part
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    105mm x 148mm

    Stylish Le Mans 1 post card featuring original artwork by Carl Hunton

    Use for new customers and eBay orders

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    £0.50  EX VAT

    M4 Nut Black
    FAA92104 Universal Part
    click to view full size

    Black M4 nylon nut, mainly used for fitting screens

    Also known as Guzzi ref. 92602004

    More than 5 in stock

    92630104-z 92630104 GU92630104 92 63 01 04
     9263 0104 9263.0104



    £0.75  EX VAT

    M6 Washer Black
    FAA95204 Universal Part
    click to view full size

    M6 x 12mm x .7mm

    Black M6 steel washer

    More than 5 in stock

    95007204-z 95007204 GU95007204 95 00 72 04
     9500 7204 9500.7204



    £0.50  EX VAT

    Socket Cap Screw M6 x 25mm Stainless Steel
    SSA06025 Universal Part
    click to view full size

    M6 x 25mm

    A2 stainless socket cap screw M6 x 25

    Used for rocker cover, timing cover, sump (no extension), VHB30 inlet manifold on 850/1000 models and rocker cover, timing cover, sump, inlet manifolds on V50, V35. Also used for rocker cover on all two valves per cylinder Brevas, Grisos etc… (16 required per engine). Also known as Guzzi refs. 98692325 and 98620325 can be used in place of 98822325

    More than 5 in stock

    05025930-z 05025930 GU05025930 05 02 59 30
     0502 5930 0502.5930



    £1.00  EX VAT

    Black M6 Screw Socket Button Head
    FRA06016 Universal Part
    click to view full size

    M6 x 16mm

    Black M6 x 16mm button head screw used for fixing fairings and screens

    Can be used in place of AP8150377

    More than 5 in stock



    £0.58  EX VAT

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