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Fits Moto Guzzi V7 Sport, 750S, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, V65, V35C, V50C, V65C, Lario, Monza 2, Imola 2, 850T, T3, T4, G5, Convert, 1000 SP, S3, Cali 2, Mille GT, V7 700, V7 Special (1969-1971), 850 GT 
Headlamp Bracket Pair Chrome Tommaselli 35mm/36mm
£46.30 INC VAT
£38.58  EX VAT
click to view full sizePair of Tommaselli chromed headlight brackets with anti vibration rubber collars and silver finish aluminium brackets. To fit 35mm and 36mm diameter forks.

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Dimensions: 35mm internal diameter x 70mm tall collar, approx. 105mm reach from stanchion to headlight bolt

1 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi V65 Florida, Lario, V65, V65, V35, V50, V50 PA, V65 PA, V75, 750 SP, Strada 750, 750 Targa, 750T, Nevada 350, Nevada 750 (1993-2003 Series 2), Le Mans 1000, 1000S, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV, Cali Jackal, Cali Stone 
PS16 Rear Master Cylinder Remote Type
£132.30 INC VAT
£110.25  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Brembo PS 16 rear master cylinder for models with a remote reservoir, suitable as a replacement for the standard PS15 master cylinder which has now been discontinued by Brembo. Supplied with operating lever. Mounting holes at 50mm centres

Brembo ref. 10.2934.02

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Dimensions: 16mm OD piston

1 in stock

 19667000 GU19667000 19 66 70 00
 1966 7000 1966.7000

Fits Moto Guzzi Norge ALL, Breva 850, Breva 1100, Breva 1200, Bellagio, Griso ALL, Stelvio, 1200 Sport, Cali Stone (series 2), Cali Vintage, Cali Classic (2006-2007), Cali Aquila Nera, Cali 1400 ALL, V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V65 ALL, V40 Capri, Nevada 750 (1991-2001), V75 
Motobatt Battery AGM Performance 19Ah
£78.80 INC VAT
£65.67  EX VAT
click to view full sizeHigh performance Quadflex maintenance free AGM Motobatt 12 volt 19Ah battery. Quadflex technology means you have two positive and two negative threaded terminals allowing maximum flexibility when installing. Motobatt absorbed gel matting batteries feature the latest absorbent glass mat technology. This offers increased lifespan, higher vibration resistance and electrical performance. This battery is also leak, vibration and spill proof if installed correctly
Suitable as a replacement for Guzzi ref. 03704571. If fitted to CARC models the top battery securing bracket will need to be omitted or modified as this battery has a different profile to the OE Yuasa battery.

Supplied charged and ready to fit, Motobatt Quadflex batteries produce 20% more cranking power (250 CCA) and are spill proof. This battery is physically smaller than the original battery fitted to some V35, V50 and V65 models, it may require packing out in the battery compartment.
NB This battery must not be trickle charged or charged using a traditional manual charger, AGM batteries require a smart charger - we recommend ACA96000
For more information on charging AGM batteries see these FAQ's.
Can also be used to replace Odyssey PC925L where a bike is in regular use (this battery should be installed on its side).

One year warranty on all our Motobatt batteries

Also available at the same price in black by special order - call 01484 841395 to order

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Dimensions: 150mm x 84mm x 160mm high

2 in stock

 883818 MG883818

Fits Moto Guzzi Cali 2, T3, 750S, S3, 850T, T4, T5 (Series 1), Convert, G5, 1000 SP, SP II, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2, Le Mans 3, Le Mans 1000, Mille GT (Series 1), V35, V35C, V35 Florida, Imola 2, V35 TT, V50, Monza, V65, V7 Sport 
Regulator Rectifier Combined
£104.00 INC VAT
£86.67  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Combined regulator rectifier to replace separate items on Bosch equipped models. See our wiring instructions page for help installing this reg/rec.

Includes harness extension with 6 spade connector block. NB this reg/rec should not be used with a lithium-ion battery

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3 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport ALL, Cali 3, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV, V11 Sport ALL, Centauro, Daytona, Nevada 750 (1998-2003), Quota ALL, Strada 1000, Mille GT, V7 Classic, V7 Cafe, Breva 750 
Regulator Rectifier Ducati Type
£115.50 INC VAT
£96.25  EX VAT
click to view full size
click to view full size
Replacement regulator rectifier for models fitted with the Ducati charging system. This is a quality unit and is supplied with fitting instructions

Connections: 2 x yellow male bullet, 1 x white female bullet, 1 x black ring, 1 x red ring, 1 x brown. You will need to reuse your existing block connectors to connect this to your loom. See this wiring diagram for wiring connections

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1 in stock

37703805-z 37703805 GU37703805 37 70 38 05
 3770 3805 3770.3805

Fits Moto Guzzi NTX 350, Spada 3, Cali 3, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Le Mans 1000 (1989-1993), Mille GT (1990-1993), Strada 1000, 1000S, T5 Polizia 
Fork Dust Seal
£8.50 INC VAT
£7.08  EX VAT
click to view full sizeDust cover for fork stanchion, seals against stanchion and protects fork seal

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Dimensions: 40mm ID x 54mm OD x 8mm

4 in stock

29524550-z 29524550 GU29524550 29 52 45 50
 2952 4550 2952.4550

Fits Moto Guzzi 1100 Sport ALL, Cali 1100 (1994-1997), Cali EV, Quota 1100, Spada 3, Strada 1000, V11 Sport ALL, Le Mans 1000 (from engine VV016375), Mille GT (from engine VT024596), Cali 3 (from engine VT032542),, Daytona, Centauro, Cali Vintage, Bellagio, Daytona, Centauro, Breva 850, Breva 1100, Griso 850, Griso 1100, Norge (2v/cyl), 1200 Sport (2v/cyl), Jackal 
Clutch Friction Plate New Type
£57.70 INC VAT
£48.08  EX VAT
click to view full sizeNew type clutch friction plate for models with deep splines with deep splined centre

2 plates required- thicker side of each friction plate should face transmission.
Also known as Guzzi ref. 30084410, 03084400, 29084450 These can be fitted to earlier 850 and 1000 models if the early shallow splined clutch centre is replaced with the later deep splined type. See our kit CLA20302 to update early 850/1000 models. Clutch plate alignment tool also available, see TOA30510

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4 in stock

05084430-z 05084430 GU05084430 05 08 44 30
 0508 4430 0508.4430

Fits Moto Guzzi Cali 3 (Domino), Cali 3 LAPD, V65 TT, Quota 
Clutch Cable
£17.10 INC VAT
£14.25  EX VAT
click to view full sizeClutch cable

for models with Domino switchgear. We advise you to measure your existing cable before ordering in case you have a non standard set up.

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Dimensions: 1610mm outer length, 89mm free length, 9.9mm barrel nipple, 9.1mm barrel nipple

2 in stock

 29093070 GU29093070 29 09 30 70
 2909 3070 2909.3070

Fits Moto Guzzi 850T, T3, T4, Le Mans 1, Le Mans 2 | Gasket Kit Top End
£14.40 INC VAT
£12.00  EX VAT
click to view full sizeTop end gasket and seal set containing rocker cover, base and head gaskets plus top end O rings

Top end gasket set for one cylinder. Inlet manifold gasket ENA14550 and exhaust gasket ENA90718 available separately

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Dimensions: 83mm round barrel

More than 5 in stock

Fits Moto Guzzi V35 ALL, V50 ALL, V65 ALL, 750S, V7 Sport, S3, 850/1000 ALL Models  
Elektronik Sachse Electronic Ignition Kit Bosch Models
£359.00 INC VAT
£299.17  EX VAT
click to view full sizeComplete electronic ignition kit containing alternator mounted ignition pickup, fittings and amplifier unit. Works with standard 12 volt coils and can be used to replace points or Bosch electronic ignition on models with Bosch charging systems. The pickups for this kit are mounted on the alternator stator. Supplied with instructions in German with wiring diagrams.

2 year warranty on Sachse ignition kits

Eliminates vague timing due to worn distributors on big twins. Preloaded with nine ignition curves, two of which are designed for twin plugged bikes. Once fitted no further adjustment should be necessary. See this link for fitting instructions. If you wish to combine this kit with uprated charging system ELA00502 you will need to make or source longer studs (M5 x 67mm x 2) for pickup, and longer centre bolt (M8 x 58mm wasted). See ACA50001 for distributor blanking plate if requiired

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1 in stock

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